Appointment booking steps


Create account


Select track/car on voucher




Data capture


Please give your name to the person who will be driving! If there will be more than one person, but you want to register under one account, you can enter the details of the additional persons later.

Tips for registration!

  • Our data sheet must be filled in for each voucher upload, as 1 voucher can be uploaded to 1 email address. The customer name can be the same for multiple account creation.
  • It is important that all information is entered exactly as it appears on the voucher! Also, please provide an email address that is checked every day!
  • If the website displays an error during registration, e.g. a voucher is not valid, you should contact the service provider! It is possible that it has already been redeemed, has expired or there has been a change in the voucher details.
  • Please use the interface to book only the car/track for which your voucher is valid. Otherwise we will charge you the difference on the spot!

DRX SPORT - Energy West Ltd. reserves the right to change the location and vehicle listed on the voucher! 2022..

Customer Service Registration

Dear Customers! If you would like our colleagues to prepare the registration for our platform, please send us a photo of your voucher and its details by email to info@drive-x.eu or contact us by phone!
The registration prepared by Drx Sport staff has an extra fee of 3.000 HUF/registration which our clients have to pay on the spot, when driving!After the registration is completed, our colleagues will send you the currently available dates, from which you can choose!


 (please contact our registration colleagues if you agree that we will charge an extra fee for the registration, if our staff handles the entire registration process!)